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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:46 pm
by nikkipiamonte0327
guys, really am glad to say im getting no more breakouts.and guess what, thaank GOD that after having tried so many different products (cheap and expensive )and still had nothing worked out on my acne, ive finally come up to my last resort and just really glad that i did, and know what it is?the ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

i am actually using 4 other things as my skin care routine but everytime i take away the apple cider (bragg's brand), i already notice that im breaking i totally am sure that it's the apple cider vinegar that prevents me from breaking out and does also help in toning my skin the way it should be toned.

so here are my stuffs:
1.bragg's organic apple cider vinegar (undiluted and put on a bottle spray)
2.ponds original fresh cleansng towelletes
3. ponds facial cleanser (flawless white)
4.tea/green tea bag (i use lipton's, decaf)
5.eaude medica bb cream (has salicylic acid for acne and placenta for whitening)

the routine:
1.remove makeup with ponds towelletes (i use 2 sheets to make sure it's almost completely removed)
2.apply bragg's apple cider vinegar to cottonball, 3x all over the face (3x means 3 cotttonballs and each has 7 sprays on it)
3.wash face with facial cleanser procedure #2 tea leaves by tearing up the tea bag (but wet it first)

leave overnight.

am. the same except procedure #1,4,5 only #3 then 2
3.apply eaude medica bb cream

trust me this is the only thing that worked on my acne and nothing more, glad too that the bb cream is so lightweight and doesnt clog my cider vinegar's the best.

hope this helps you alOt! GODBLESS