extreme itching / scratching

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by RJHUK-19 on Tue Oct 15, 2019 5:43 pm

extreme itching / scratching

I have never reached out to a forum before but I think this is the right thing to do.

I have what doctors have diagnosed as Atopic Dermititis / eczema and for a few years I treated the flare up with steriods / emolients for a week to tend days it would then clear up. The flare up would be compounded by varying levels of scratching which would often damage the skin. This would be either my legs / arms / neck / back / torso. I would normally seek medical intervention after a bad bought of scratching where I was left bleeding.

however more recently I have been scratching more and more, trying to induce the pain that I felt during the flare up - the pain would be a relief and a distraction to whatever I was thinking about. I am struggling with this as its getting addictive and the more I am doing it the more severe the damage. I even get this pungent smell emitting from my skin - which is not blood or sweat - I belief it to be histamine which you body produces to help repair your skin.

I am in the middle of a course of CBT to help be deal with the itch but sometime the sensation to itch can be so overwhelming that I start to shake and almost cry if dont scratch and then if I do scratch I still cray and craziness of what is happening. even as I am scratching sometimes I am saying out loud "what are you doing, what are you doing - stop it!!"

my family are supportive and always tell me when I am scratching and dont realise it but I need to know how to deal with these sensations which occur after I have started the itch - scratch cycle. Right not I have oitment / emolient on my skin which gives me the most relief but it still hurts - I wish I knew how to reduce the sensations and get back to how I was because I struggle to go to the gym anymore / swim with my family even shower sometimes is unbearable.

any assistance is gratefully received.


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by Marcie Mom on Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:02 pm

Re: extreme itching / scratching

so sorry to hear that.. came across this ebook while looking up behavioural treatment http://grossbart.com/SkinDeep.pdf - is it similar to what you're undergoing?

I do think one part is the mind/itch/ scratch, and the other is treating the flare-ups. Have they been any way that dermatologists have helped you in this? allergy testing, prescription creams, anti-microbial, wet wrap etc

I know it's tough cos I'm getting my daughter not to scratch, and it's easier said than done. Take care, and hope all will be better soon.
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