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Addixted to scratching

Posted: Tue May 23, 2023 2:57 am
by cozzyrs2000
Hi my skin for the last few years just doesnt seem to calm down especialy at night. I feel like almsot like some is.putting a pin in me and it is ignore it is over whelming and then i do scratch but then it seems to go all ovwr and it feels amazing when i do sxratch and infeel like.sometimes i start scratching for the feeling rather than because it iches and i start sxratchjng where i didnt itxh and makeingnit itxh almost on purpose for the feeling its hatd to describe but one little itxh then its body and is itching and i cant stop at night is the worse.maybe cause theres no.destractions. been taking anti histimines absoultly useless . Also did anyone use diprobase before they changednit as that qas very soothing the new formula tho stings and ive not found anything else the same have used aveeno and cetreben and zeroderm but the zeroderm is to greesy especialy for going out