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Bullying to Bipolar??

Postby bandit01 on Wed Oct 14, 2015 3:55 pm

When you suffer from bullying at school to the extreme of wanting to harm yourself, you then have to move school because no one takes responsibility for what goes on in school time, you then grow up to become a very strong person physically but you mind is saying other things like, you just want to hit someone, or any one posing a threat to you makes you strike out, you can not cope mentally does that make you a person suffering from Bipolar? or a schizophrenic?, as the symptoms I have read about these disorders show up in the way I feel ???
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Re: Bullying to Bipolar??

Postby Mind on Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:29 pm

No. The feelings you describe are not symptoms of either bipolar or schizophrenia.
It sounds more as though you have a lot of unresolved problems related to the bullying, including unexpressed anger, which you were not able to deal with at the time, because you were not well supported. You might find it helpful to talk to a professional, such as a counsellor or other talking therapist, with a special expertise in bullying and its consequences, who should be able to help you put the bad memories in the past and deal better with your feelings now.

You may be able to get a referral for an appropriate talking therapy through your GP, or you may prefer to find someone yourself - the BACP website is a good starting point.

If you want to check out the symptoms of bipolar and schizophrenia, you can find information on the Mind website. ... h-problems. And if you are still worried about this, the best person to talk to is probably your GP who can make or rule out a diagnosis and refer you to a specialist if appropriate.

best wishes
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