I've had success

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by goodbyerosacea1 on Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:13 pm

I've had success

I have had success with rosacea treatments and I'd like to share them here to hopefully help others.

I started getting redness on my face when I was 33. I saw a dermatologist who simply gave me a pamphlet on how to reduce the redness, which was basically about foods and habits to avoid. My face would get really bad in typical situations such as while I was exercising or when I was getting warm from the sun, etc. Certain foods and beverages would set it off. If I got embarrassed, my face would get inflamed. This went on for about 2 years. No cream or lifestyle change helped. After two years, I started getting pustuals in the red areas of my face (cheeks, nose, forehead and chin). This part was THE most frustrating because make up can't hid raised things on your face in certain lightings. The pustuals were not like normal pimples. When I popped them (which probably wasn't smart, but I got so fed up with them sometimes), no puss came out. They were simply filled with a tiny bit of clear liquid. The raised pustual would go away immediately after popping, only to reform two days later. I was at my all time low during the two years I had this issue. Because the dermatologist I saw long ago basically said, "There is no treatement for rosacea", I hadn't asked for more doctor support over the years. But I had had enough! I went to my family doctor who prescribed me an acne medication called minocycline. 100mg a day was too much, as I got headaches, so I was moved down to 50mg. The redness and pustuals went away within two weeks and stayed away. My family doctor also referred me to see the same dermatologist again, which it took six months to get into her. My family doctor said that it was fine to be on minocycline for the rest of my life. I was thrilled! If a simple pill-a-day could give me great skin, I was good with that! However, six months later when I got in to see the dermatologist, she said that it is not good to be on minocycline for too long as it can turn your skin blue and lead to lupus. Yikes! She did, however, prescribe me a fairly "new" cream called "Rosiver". She said it was having great results with ~75% of rosacea patients. I stopped minocycline immediately and started Rosiver that day. It has been a life saver!!! Although my face was already clear from the minocycline pill, when I transferred over to the Rosiver cream, my skin stayed clear. Therefore, I'm assuming it is doing it's job!

Overall, I recommend that you live a healthy lifestyle of good foods and to protect your face from the sun. Since I had success with minocycline, I'd still recommend trying it if you have pustual rosacea and want quick relief. However, it is not for long-term use. Of course, my number one recommendation would be the Rosiver topical cream. I have medical benefits, so the tube of Rosiver cream was covered for me, but it's about $200CAD. I received it on May 13th, 2019 and almost four months later, my skin has stayed clear of redness and pustuals, and I have hardly made a dent in the tube. So, it will last a long time since a little bit goes a long way. It is a once-a-day use cream at night time. I put a tiny bit on my checks, nose, between my eyebrows and chin. I let it settle in for a minute or so, then I put my regular night time cream all over my face.

Since this is a new cream, doctors do not recommend it being used while pregnant. I think it would be great if they could study this cream longer to see if it could be something women can use while pregnant if they continue to struggle with rosacea.

Best of luck!

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by talkhealth on Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:21 pm

Re: I've had success

Thank you goodbyerosacea1 for your informative post. It lets our members know that there are still treatments out there to try and different avenues to visit.
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