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Worked for me.

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:58 pm
by jacothelad
I have suffered from active Rosacea since 1994. All my life I have had skin that was easily reddened but it wasn't until I was in my 40s that it became Rosacea. Initially it was just excessive redness and alcohol made me look like a stop light. As a science lecturer, ironically with much to do with the skin, I was keen not to look as if i had just been boiled. I was prescribed Metronidazole and for years it worked pretty well. Not perfect but enough. As the years went by things gradually became worse and about 5 years ago things took a turn into papular rosacea. No extra help from the g.p. other than to keep using the gel. I had a number of flare ups which became increasingly bad until about two years ago when I became very self conscious about it. Round about 8 months ago it became so bad that I stopped going out of the house. I looked like a cross between a boiled lobster and someone with smallpox over my cheekbones and then it spread to my forehead.

When I worked I subscribed to a number of medical research and educational resources. One of the things that always struck me as interesting was the prevalence of Demodex Foliculorum mites ..and other skin parasites.... and how thy might affect us. It now seems that while most of us have them, people with Rosacea can have up to 10 times the number found in the general population.

I did a bit of investigation and found that there were a number of other treatments available that might aid me but my GP wasn't interested. I dug into the academic literature more and more and found that anti-parasitics such as permethrin were found to help a lot of people with rosacea. They inhibit the Demodex mites upon whose waste a species of bacteria feed. It is thought that some rosacea is due to a reaction to these bacteria hence why Metronidazole helps as it is an anti-biotic. There wasn't a single 'magic bullet' among the treatments as there isn't one simple cause. I did however find comparative research that led me to a substance called of the things that worked for some people with rosacea and papular rosacea. I then discovered that this chemical is found in an everyday, over the counter product you can buy in most supermarkets and every pharmacy in the UK. In fact I had a tube at home as it is sold - among other things - as an anti itch cream. It is called Eurax. As my GP wasn't interested I thought I'd try it myself. I reasoned that if there might be two 'vectors' in the condition then why not two treatments. The logic of science I suppose. I had no idea if I had an excess of Demodex mites but it wasn't going to cost me anything to try. I massaged the Metronidazole well into my skin and then did the same with tiny amounts of Eurax. The results were incredible. Within a few days I was clear of all papules and very little or no redness. I do this morning and night after washing with a mild liquid soap. Occasional bumps appear but are soon quelled. I have now been 95% free now for about 6 months or more. maybe I am just in remission but just maybe I have found something that works...for me at least.

Re: Worked for me.

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 10:21 am
by talkhealth
Hi jacothelad,

Thank you for your interesting post regarding your Rosacea and your journey into finding something that has worked to clear it. It is especially interesting hearing about the Demodex mites and how the combination of those two creams seems to have worked for you. It may be something our members with rosacea will consider trying for themselves, bearing in mind of course, that the treatment outcome is a very individual thing.

Kind regards

Re: Worked for me.

Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 8:13 pm
by MrsV0326
The majority of my issues are redness but about 5 years ago, I had the bumps. I was prescribed Metronidazole as well and it worked a little but I was told to use Tea Tree Oil and a moisturizer. Every evening, I would wash my face then put the oil directly on my face with a Qtip and covered it with a thick layer of Cetaphil lotion. It cleared it up and I've had zero issues since...except the redness. Sigh. I can cover with makeup but I am a nurse and wear a mask daily at work. Makeup gets all over the mask and if I go without makeup, people ask if I'm sunburnt all the time. So I've just suffered with it all these years.

Re: Worked for me.

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 8:42 pm
by PSLondon
I went to see a dermatologist and was surprised that no natural remedies were discussed. I’ve heard of Tea Tree and Azelaic Acid as working for some people. I was prescribed Soolantra (ivermectin) last year for my spots which was reduced but now need to go onto antibiotics and Soolantra again. GP prescribed incorrect amount, 1 weeks course. I was aware it is a 3 months course needed again. Also surprised that doctors/dermatologists are not prescribing a lower strength at 40mg instead of 100mg to help with antibiotics resistance. I’ve researched online too and it’s a bit confusing. I’m now asking gp for a second referral to see another dermatologist who hopefully will talk about other options apart from prescribed medicines. Interesting about the Eurax cream, i’ll have to investigate that.