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Chronic Arthritis Knee pain

Postby deedeeep on Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:30 pm

If anyone has any hints about how to cope wth the excruciating pain in my knee which was originally a torn tendon but now almost 2 years later has been diagnosed as Arthritis. (I have always had a very high pain threshold so am really struggling with this pain. I am not able to take anti-inflamatory drugs due to my lack of kidney function but I do have to say that I have not had a single full night sleep in all of this time, every time I turn or move in bed the pain from my knee wakens me. Usually upwards of 6 times per night.I have tried all of the joint care pills and potions thet I can think of and some more, I struggle to walk and do basic housework. It is really difficult to belive that 2 years ago prior to slipping on wet leaves on the pavement I was active and could run without any problem. I do still take Turmeric Capsules along with chelated manganese but am getting desperate now, the GP says there is nothing that can be done and at my age a knee is a long way off and i just need to cope with it.
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Re: Chronic Arthritis Knee pain

Postby talkhealth on Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:34 pm

Hi Deedeeep

Thank you for your recent post. We are sorry to hear about the pain you are suffering with your diagnosed arthritis. Please have a look at a Free Support Programme we run called myarthritis support programme, you may find this useful as well as the comments from our members.

Kind regards
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Re: Chronic Arthritis Knee pain

Postby avonladywales on Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:12 am

Hi, I bought a product called Knee ease which is supposed to help. I must admit, I haven't used it because I don't know where it is! It's worth investigating. I find drinking apple cider vinegar (diluted) helps with arthritis and drinking Aloe Vera helps with a variety of ailments, including pain. I hope someone will benefit from this information.
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