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Re: How do you manage your everyday pain? Any pain relief?

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:32 am
by MissCandyGirl
Gentle - and I mean gentle - exercise does wonders for joint and general pain. Gently stretching the muscles keeps the body supple and reduces pain. It doesn't have to be fancy exercises like tai chi or anything like that: just moving the legs in and out and lifting and stretching the arms is good enough. Short, slow, walks also get the body supple. Therefore reducing pain. I'd certainly take this advice and not just rely on painkillers. However, it is still important to take the medication a doctor prescribes. If you're unsure about this advice, you can see what your doctor says. I am certainly not advising you go jogging or running: just that you do gentle walking.

I do hope I've helped.

Re: How do you manage your everyday pain? Any pain relief?

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2021 11:59 am
by DaviesBrown
Here are some ways to get relief from pain

- Get exercise
- Try Therapy
- Get Massage Therapy
- Do Meditation
- Take Some Supplements

Re: How do you manage your everyday pain? Any pain relief?

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 2:57 pm
by MissCandyGirl
You're right, DaviesBrown: I'd follow your advice.

1. Gentle exercise will keep the joints supple and make movement easier.
2. Therapy does heal the mind and will make handling pain easier to deal with [I am assuming you're referring to mind therapy].
3. Massage does ease the joints and muscles and IS incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.
4. Meditation is popular worldwide for its healing properties and helping to relieve many kinds of pain.
5. Supplements will cushion - for lack of a better word - the joints, therefore reducing the pain of bones rubbing together in the joints. I would advise you ask your doctor which supplements are best for arthritis and other kinds of physical pain.

I hope you don't mind me elaborating on your post, DaviesBrown: I just felt it important to do so.

Re: How do you manage your everyday pain? Any pain relief?

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2021 7:36 pm
by lance_young85
Hey @MissCandyGirl,

I had come across this today and thought o sharing my experience. Exactly three years before, I got my knee locked. I was not able to walk because my leg was not coming in a straight position. I become so worried and consulted a doctor. He started an injection course to the vein. And after that, I was able to walk but the leg was painful. The doctor prescribed me pain killers and I started having them as I got relief from pain. But this resulted in some other health issues. And I need to force stop the painkillers. As an alternative, my friend referred me to a physiotherapist. I also tried doing exercise but my pain was increasing. But []physiotherapy[/url] helped me a lot with my leg pain.

As you mention pain killers can kill you. So always try to avoid after your doctor's advice.

Re: How do you manage your everyday pain? Any pain relief?

Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 7:09 am
by wanderer
I totally agree with you! I too had severe knee pain for the past five years. Though I tried consulting various doctors, nothing seemed fruitful. The medicines prescribed by them just served as a temporary relief, and the pain returned with the same intensity when the medicine course was over. It was then my partner advised we approach a physiotherapist as our last ray of hope. Needless to say, it was the best decision I took!
With the consistent massage and treatment of the physiotherapist, my pain gradually started reducing. After eight months of treatment, I was back with my healthy knee. I was able to walk and do any physical work as previously. Hence, to anyone suffering from my knee problem, I would like to tell you that pain killers are just temporary solutions to your permanent problems. Approach the treatment of an expert physiotherapist if you need a permanent and long-lasting solution.