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Enthesis in achilles tendons and lower back pain

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:34 pm
by Maggie58
It took nearly 4 years to be diagnosed with PsA. Started with enthesitis in achilles tendons which has got much worse with severe bone growth on both heels and obvious swelling either side of heels yet despite this ultrasound shows no inflamation. Also over last 9 months have developed burning pain in lower back which also looks swolen but MRI shows no inflamation. So rheumatologist has concluded I do not qualify for anti TNFs. Currently taking Leflunomide have tried methrotexate and sulfasalazine but both make me ill and do not help condition. Rheumatologist says I should see physiotherapist and go to pain clinic. All they are offering! Told them I had spent 5 months with physio and their exercises only made things worse. So have real problems walking due to achilles and severe lower back pain. My research tellsme lowerback inflamation does not always xhow up on MRI even when it Is present. He also tells me I just have to live with the achilles enthesitis. Where do I go from here. Am Ireally expected to live with this level of pain? Also does anyone know how I can be referred to the National Rheumatology Hospital in Bath?