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by william8 on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:54 pm


My doctor is not sure if I have eczema or arthritic psoriasis as I suffer from osteo arthritis anyway .My skin is extremely dry and itch especially on the right leg by the ankle bone What can I use to clear it up nothing seems to work

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Dr Miriam Wittmann
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by Dr Miriam Wittmann on Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:28 pm

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Dear William8,

there is no link between osteoarthritis and psoriasis. Thus, you having osteoarthritis does not increase your risk for psoriasis.

A patch of dry and itchy skin in particular in the ankle region sounds more like an eczema condition.
General measures are:
- avoid friction / irritation (wear appropriate shoes/socks), frequent exposture to water or soap
- moisturise every day (Cetraben, E45, Doublebase, Diprobase, Aveeno etc are all fine)
- bandage the area at night should that be the time when you tend to scratch. Scratching is really not helpful and prevents healing
- use some mild topical corticosteroids (e.g. under the bandage over night) as intervall treatment (e.g. use until the lesion diseapperars, the stop the corticosteroid, restart if it comes back)

should these general measures not help you need to see your doctor for potential contact allergy (patch test) and/or prescription of a more potent topical cream.

Kind regards,
Dr Miriam Wittmann
Associate Professor in Inflammatory Diseases
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