Water and eczema - new study in Journal of Dermatology

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by lauralhampton on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:13 am

Water and eczema - new study in Journal of Dermatology

Hi everyone

I'm new here; my boyfriend suffers from psoriasis and eczema and I've recently started to suffer with patches on my face too, which is very unpleasant.

I'm here to get advice and also to share anything I find. I also work for a company (via my agency) which has recently shared a study on the effects of water on skin, which suggests that having hard water can make eczema worse. They've got loads of anecdotal evidence that says having a water softener installed actually cured the eczema, too. Here's the study:

https://www.harveywatersofteners.co.uk/ ... veals-link

What do you think? Can water have such a positive effect? I guess you could test it if you have travelled to a softer water area and found that's helped. Harveys also offers a free trial...



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by csiecker on Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:56 am

Re: Water and eczema - new study in Journal of Dermatology

Hi Laura

My daughter suffers from severe eczema. We have tried everything through the years and every time we hear about something new we give it a try.

My husband came across some info on water softeners in the treatment of eczema about three weeks ago and after reading up about it more he ordered a water softener online immediately.

We have had the water softener in use for about two weeks now. Because of the fact that her skin is so bad my daughter hates having a bath. In the first week after installing the water softener my daughter had a bath twice a day (which in the past would have been unheard off). I cannot say that a miracle happened and she was cured after a week but we did see an improvement.

However, because of mental issues caused by the eczema and in turn aggravating the eczema my daughter has not had a bath in a week. Which in turn has put us back to square one.

I am holding on to the hope that once we can get her back in the bath things will start to improve again. I can say that the softer water is giving the rest of the family softer skin and that the clothes and bedding are a lot softer on the skin after being washed in softer water.

I know this does not help a lot but felt that it was worth sharing as I do believe that in the long run the water softener will help my daughter.


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