Something missing for children with Eczema?

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by laurenbelldesigns on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:43 pm

Something missing for children with Eczema?


Im a designer from London currently researching into the products that are available to aid children and parents when dealing with Eczema. I know from personal experience the numerous trips to the doctor it takes, the frustrating road of trial and error it takes to aid a Childs recovery.

I am in the process of developing a soothing itch relief toy for children suffering in the hope that it will give them the independence to manage their condition 24/7 without scratching, damaging their skin and calling on mum and dad at every hour of the day in distress.

As part of my research I need to talk to parents dealing with this issue. Dealing with the daily struggle of seeing your child suffer with Eczema.

Consider these questions....

What time of the day is most challenging when your child has a flair up? Why is that time most stressful or challenging?

Do you feel like there is any alternative out there to scratching? Toys or games to act as a distraction? Cooling devises?

Do you have any suggestions or effective methods of cooling an itch when your child can't stop scratching?

Get in touch! Comment! Let me know!! Your comments WILL see the development of a product that could really change the lives of many.