Looking for contributors for my University Documentary!

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by RyanPatterson on Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:22 pm

Looking for contributors for my University Documentary!

Hi all!

My name is Ryan Patterson and I'm a film student at Bournemouth University. For my final University project, I am tasked to create a short documentary on a topic of my choice. I have chosen to base my documentary on how skin disorders affect peoples mental health. The reason why this is my subject matter is due to my partner having severe eczema. I have been with her through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and therefore have seen how it's affected her mental health as a result. I believe that there is a stigma around skin disorders where people don't believe they are 'serious' disorders. I also believe that people don't understand what the secondary impacts of skin disorders are, and don't associate skin disorders with poor mental health. I am trying to tackle this issue through this documentary. In order to do so, I need people who have or have had poor mental health as a result of their skin disorder to tell their stories through interviews.
If you feel like you could help me with this issue then please contact me either through my email: ryanpatterson997@gmail.com, through text: 07443419668 or reply to this post.
I am looking to film at the beginning of March and is an England only shoot.

I look forward to hearing back from some of you. Hopefully, this will be a success!