A Level Extended Project Help

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Alice Jones
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by Alice Jones on Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:14 pm

A Level Extended Project Help

I am currently doing an extended project qualification (EPQ) at school which counts as an AS. After suffering from eczema for all of my life I have decided to title my project 'What is the best treatment for eczema?'. The project is research based and I was wondering if anybody could please help me by answering or giving any comments on any of these aspects in particular...
- Are there any treatments that have worked best for you?
- Are there any treatments that affected you mentally or you found upsetting or stressful to use?
- How long lasting were the effects of any treatments that you have used?
- Positives and negatives that you feel about certain eczema treatments?

Any comments and help that anybody could offer would be really appreciated.
Thank you

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by Judyclemson on Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:21 pm

Re: A Level Extended Project Help

Hi Alice,

I have Pompholyx. To clear an infected swollen foot or hands i prefer Benivate (s) but my Doctor rarely lets me have that.

I use double base to loosen dryness but I think it makes the itching worse and I am wondering if I am allergic to it?

Recently I went to Spain for two weeks and my Pompholyx had cleared withing 5 days. I mean completely ! NO itching , no swelling, no dryness.

Within two weeks or being back my pompholyx returned 10 fold. I am currently on Dermovate. Waiting to see how good this is.

My local hospital advise me to have PUVA treatment, but that would have entailed me going every day for two week and as I have a full time job which is 20 miles in the opposite direction I could not afford the time off so I declined. My Husband is currently looking at buying me a sunbed to see if that helps?

Judy x

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