Make up brand for eczema sufferers

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by meeka-p85 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:48 pm

Make up brand for eczema sufferers

Like many people across the UK and other countries, I too suffer from eczema. I get it mostly on my face, around my nose, mouth and chin. It gets worse during the winter months, not that it is that much better during summer. As well as dry flaky patches, I get grey pigmented patches of skin which are difficult to get rid of.

My eczema makes me self conscious when facing the world. I try to cover it with make up but have found that so many brands dry my skin out, even those that are marketed as being 'natural'. This has given me the drive to create a make up specifically for those with eczema and other similar skin conditions.

I am currently at the research stages of creating my make up brand.

Please complete the following questionnaire, it will be very much appreciated. THANK YOU!
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by jrobinson0731 on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:44 am

Re: Make up brand for eczema sufferers

I have started using CLn Facial cleaner for any skin issues I have. My daughter gets eczema any where you can think of. It was so bad at one time we had to take her earrings out and let her earring holes grow up. I am not sure about makeup. I use airbrush makeup as it seems less irritating but I can suggest a wonderful cleanser for your face and they also have a really nice moisturizer.

Good Luck I know hos painful eczema can be!
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