Yellow Laser vs Thermocoagulation (VeinWave)

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by unknownworld on Fri Oct 30, 2020 4:12 pm

Yellow Laser vs Thermocoagulation (VeinWave)


I've recently developed facial thread veins around my nose and cheeks (you can see more when my skin is stretched using my fingers) These are not so noticeable unless under a bright light. I've decided to go ahead with either Laser or Veinwave, but unfortunately there is little information about the effective use of Thermocoagulation Vs Laser, other than each company I have approached have said there approach is better. Without any concrete evidence I'm struggling to come to a conclusion as to which technology would be better suited.

Also I'm unsure if one technology is better suited in certain situations, I.e my cheeks are red from small blood vessels in the skin and my nose has spider veins, will the laser reduce the redness of the vessels on my cheeks as well as targeting the spider veins? And will the Thermocoagulation just target the veins?

Veinwave is more expensive if multiple sessions are required, laser is less expensive with requiring a minimum of 3 sessions. The consultation fees are expensive for a limited amount of time and that is purely about the treatment they're offering not the best for my situation. So its pretty difficult to justify spending a large amount of money for these different type of procedures, any advice would be helpful if possible.