Vegan diet weight loss

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by john5552 on Sun Jul 25, 2021 4:15 pm

Vegan diet weight loss

Have you been vegan for some time but haven't lost any weight? If you're having trouble losing weight as a vegan, keep reading to find out why!

8 Weight-Loss Tips You Should Know

Isn't it true that all vegans lose weight?

Table of Contents:

On a vegan diet, here are eight recommendations to help you lose weight

1. Avoid eating vegan substitutes that have been processed.

2. Get rid of the oils

*why should Do you avoid using oils?

*How to Get Rid of Oils

3. Don't overlook the importance of portion sizes.

4. Plan out your week's meals.

*How should you schedule your meals?

5. Drink plenty of water

6. Read the food labels

7. Cut out processed sugar from your diet

8. Double-check if you're receiving adequate protein.


Many individuals believe that losing weight on a vegan diet is simple. They believe that turning vegan will cause them to lose weight regardless of what they consume, as long as no animal products are present. This is a rather common misunderstanding.

This myth that "veganism equals weight loss" is false, as many people discover when they go vegan. In reality, if you are not following a healthy vegan diet, it is quite easy to gain weight. Vegans can eat a variety of processed foods such as chips, cookies, cakes, "cheese," and so on. Everything has a vegan alternative!

This is excellent for the animals and the environment (and cheat days! ), but if you want to lose weight on a vegan diet, you must consume the RIGHT foods the majority of the time.

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by MissCandyGirl on Thu Jul 29, 2021 8:27 am

Re: Vegan diet weight loss

Definitely not eating junk food is vital for any weight loss diet. Vegan or not. So I agree with your post.

I need to lose weight myself and do avoid junk food. In fact, I eat healthy, homecooked dinner, each and every night. I don't touch crisps very often at all: I may eat one pack every few months but that's it. I also don't eat pizza or fry-ups: the list goes on.

I certainly do not want to put on weight. On the other hand, I don't want to be emaciated, either. There is no one choice or the other: a person can stay slim without cutting out all food. If you're only eating a lettuce head a day, then that isn't losing weight: that would be having an eating disorder. And eating disorders are very common. In fact, they've been common for a very long time.

I realize your thread is not about eating disorders but I would advise a person consider their approach to losing weight. Again, eating too little is very damaging to the body. So when going on a vegan diet, consider this.

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