Area from scar and around getting ichy and darker

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by Nmaster1988 on Wed Aug 19, 2020 4:19 pm

Area from scar and around getting ichy and darker

When i was younger about 10 years old i had an accident where i cut my leg skin and flesh on the shin. I took probably around 20 stitches. In that scar i had many problems around the years because it's always been a sensible area.

I have an increased sensibility on the scar, since i have some allergies (ex. Mites) and atopic dermatitis.

The scar has the tendency to form wounds and sometimes i was forced to put some corticosteroid cream on the zone to help it heal.

Over the last year's some more problems arrived, a signal appeared below the scar and about an year ago an area around the scar got a lot worse.

I remember a day with massive itchiness where unconsciously i started scratching.
I didn't knew what to do to help but i had "caladryl" at home which helped to relieve the itchiness.
To help all of this, one day i had a small incident with paint on this zone and it turned out red. The treatment i got from hospital was to use "silvederma" cream.

Everytime i went to various public doctors they didn't helped me much. The talk was always the same. Basically, they tell me to put moisturizing cream on the scar.
Which I've already confirmed, many times it doesn't heal the scar when it forms wounds.

For my bad luck, in public health system they don't send me to a dermatologist. On the area i leave private dermatologist are very few, practically non existent, expensive and most of them are related to plastic surgeries.

I don't want to go to a private medic on vain and spend a couple hundreds of euros, for him to prescribe only a brand cream, which happened to me on the past.
I want to be informed, to find if there are someone out with a similar problem and how he treated, what are the causes and how i can heal affected area and make my scar area stronger and better.

With knowledge, next time i go to a medic regarding this issue i can argue with him if his treatment doesn't seem right.

Maybe i can find some who i can talk remotely which can advise me, suggest medic, etc.

In attachment i leave picture of the affected area and scar.
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by talkhealth on Wed Sep 02, 2020 12:04 pm

Re: Area from scar and around getting ichy and darker

Hi Nmaster1988,

Thank you for your post and attached picture.

We have noticed that you have not received any replies yet but hopefully other members may have some advice/ideas for you. Sadly, we are unable to give out specific medical advice to you but please find some information here that may help:

We also have our own free wound/scar care support programme which you can sign up to. Please find it here:

Kind regards
talkhealth team

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