Constant sensation of full bladder. Advice?

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by paradigm on Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:28 pm

Constant sensation of full bladder. Advice?

Since late February I've had a constant sensation that my bladder is full. Sometimes I can distract myself and sometimes it's so uncomfortable I can't, however it isn't painful.

Anyway - I don't have any of the other symptoms of a UTI. I don't often consume caffeine - between once a week and once a month.

I do have:
- Problems with flow: I find it hard to start peeing and sometimes need to push on my stomach to get it out. Sometimes the wee stops in the middle. If I try to keep pushing it out, some of the time I can get a steady drip for as long as I'm willing to wait (longest I tried as a test was 20 minutes).

I've tried drinking more which does help with the flow a bit but then I find myself going to the toilet at least once an hour, so I don't think I am drinking to little. It also makes it much harder for me to tell when I actually need the toilet and makes me scared of having an accident because I am unsure whether I truly do or don't need the toilet.

- In the last few weeks, I have occasional had slightly damp knickers, generally if I've been exercising my pelvic floor muscles but otherwise no incontinence. (But, being female it can be hard to tell if it's come from my vagina or urethra.)

- Chronic constipation likely caused by taking Quetiapine, though in the last few days I've started taking a laxative as I'd had enough of fissures. On Friday, I passed a maroon poo and more bright red blood than usual. (Started taking the laxative later that evening.)

Is this a cause of concern? Or should I just leave it? Do most people experience this?