Chronic cystitis - what helped me

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by Gabriela_GS on Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:25 am

Chronic cystitis - what helped me

Hello, everyone!

I`m Gabie and I just want to tell you about my experience with this awful thing named cystitis.
I`ve had chronic cystitis for 3 and a half years since I found pure aloe vera gel with red cranberries. I`ve already wrote in another topic about acne which I also cured thanks to aloe vera.
You know how healthy is aloe vera, don`t you?

There were time that every month Ive had cystitis and it was necessary to drink antibiotics and many other pills. I`ve given a lot of money for doctors and drugs. This nightmare tooks too much time and I`ve pissed of.
So I`ve started to search information and different opinions about how people get throgh this problem.

Finally in onother forum I`ve red about aloe vera gel with red cranberries made by american brand Forever Living. I was so sceptic but it worsk realy! Last time I had cystitis was in july 2015!!!

I couldn`t believe but it`s true. I hope this information to be helpful for other people with this problem because antibiotic don`t help us.