Reusable pads

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by Roxichik on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:04 pm

Reusable pads

Hi All,
I am 47 and have been urine incontinent for a few years now. I was assessed by the incontinence nurse and given the enormous plastic pads by Tena - told these are the smallest they do - and get on with it.
From there I had recurrent sore, itchy and red skin. Weeping open broken skin and many UTIs. It was getting me so down and that is not like me.
Going through an online shop one day I saw reusable pants that can be used for periods and some incontinence issues - they were £40 a pair but it got me looking at other ideas and I found the reusable pads at £16.99 for 6. Well I have been using them for nearly 2 months now and I am completely converted.
They are comfortable, slimline, soft and they work. I wash them by hand every morning and it takes about a minute and a half to do this. I use a sensitive hand wash but you can throw them in the machine as well. I have had no UTIs, no itching, skin problems or breakdown. They are discreet and no-one can see them. They do not leak and I have reduced my rubbish by 1 black bag a week. Using these I have saved my skin, my sanity, money, the NHS money and the planet. I'm sure they will not suit everyone but they are a godsend for me. Look for Teamoy reusable pads on Amazon as these are the cheapest I have found but are still quality xx

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by talkhealth on Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:12 pm

Re: Reusable pads

Thank you for your feedback Roxichick.
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