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bladder issues

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:06 pm
by Sarah_18943
Hello any advice would really help here,

i am 23 years old female and having very odd bladder problems at the moment stings a little every time i wee sometimes its worse and then other times it very mild, been 3 weeks

and feel uncomfortable after a wee for a while some days it last all day been doctors twice about this told me i have no urine infection they had a look couldn't see anything told me to try a vaginal moisturizer (didn't work) have not had any unusual blood or discomfort in back or front currently. any one have any idea what could be causing this? been tested for all sti's all come back clear.

i suffer with high levels of high health anxiety so obviously i am just so worried..

i am going to go back to the doctors about this.

also i have PCOS syndrome but no cyst currently (high testorone)

i have been having re-current thrush for 2 years now been to the doctors many times about this but they just give me a longer course and always comes back, this time i am on a 6 weeks course 150 mg once a week seems as i get to the end of the week i get a yellowish discharge (sorry TMI) doesnt itch too much but sometimes does. my doctor said the above couldnt be down to thrush because i am on treatment.

i have a current cervical ectropion and this is my second one going to be burnt off again in a months time.