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hypotonic bladder: is self-catheterization really necessary?

Postby apictish1 on Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:32 pm

my urologist says I need to start self-catheterizing because my weak (hypotonic) bladder is retaining ten times more urine than it should (300 cc) and puts me at risk of a UTI, which could harm my kidneys. Which sounds reasonable. BUT, one source I found said that 32% of men starting self-catheterization develop a UTI within 6 months. So why would I put myself through self-catheterization if there's a good chance of a UTI whether I do or don't?
Also, I don't understand why I'm at greater risk of a UTI just because I'm retaining more of the exact same stuff. Can somebody explain these two things to me? I want to do what's right, but not if it's unnecessary.
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