Fungal infection and water

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by CarolynB007 on Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:02 pm

Fungal infection and water

I've had a UTI (cleared) and now a fungal infection (being treated). Because my symptoms went on for ages and I couldnt see an NHS GP I ended up at a private doctor. He and a GP on NHS direct went on about me having an overactive bladder. I did have symptoms of the infection but because I went on about endless loo trips they picked up on this fact.
I was a bit surprised by this as I've always been very fit and walk a lot, do pilates and I feel my pelvic wall is very strong. It has scared me somewhat. The private doctor's bedside manner left a lot to be desired and he even drew a picture of a bladder and what happens to the wee!
Does anyone know what exactly this is - I can control my wee to a certain extent although I don't drink a lot of fluids and have to know where toilets are.
Also as I'm having to drink loads of fluids I've become paranoid about my next feeling of wanting to go to the loo - it's been exhausting! So I've been trying not to focus on this - but it is hard. So is this a thing - if you keep thinking of what is happening to your bladder do you automatically want a wee or is that too much of a mind over matter thing. Surely the wee doesnt say, oh look she's thinking about us again, lets exit now (I'm trying to be light hearted about this).

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by talkhealth on Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:01 am

Re: Fungal infection and water

Hello - I certainly think there is a lot of truth about if you think you want to go to the loo - you will definitely need to go. Also as you will probably have been told by the doctors you should keep your fluid intake up as much as possible... as becoming dehydrated causes so many issues both internally to our systems and also shows externally through skin/eyes etc.... Most of us don't drink enough water to start with.

There is a lot of information available for those with overactive bladders - starting with the information we have on our website - ... ey-bladder. Plus if you look at all our clinics run in association with the Urology Foundation we cover a lot of practical information and advice directly from our experts.

There are lots of things available to help manage your condition which a urologist can properly advise you on.... and there is a clear pathway treatment supplied by the NHS as to how best to manage this which you can discuss either with a GP or a urologist.

We wish you well, and please do keep drinking - not drinking doesn't stop you from going to the loo but does real harm in particular to your internal organs...
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