Bladder retension ?

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by Kazzey3203 on Mon Mar 29, 2021 7:07 pm

Bladder retension ?

Hi everyone I'm new on here.ive been suffering for years with bladder issues but its the pain I get with it I can't cope with . I have had issues with weeing a long time.i go approx 15 -20 times a day . I have an urgency to go and wen I do go I only go small amount. Like a stream I did used to get cystitus .but this isn't it as I have no burning at a⁸ll and doesn't feel the same. Its not an uti either. Ive alsk had bad stomach cramps and lwerback pain for years as well. Which j now realise go with my bladder issues. I had a bladder scan last month I cdnt hold the urine in for it cos tge pain in my abdomen was unbearable so I had to have a wee before the scan .when she did scan she asked if j definately been to wee.i replied yes I did lots .but she found I still had 350 mls fluide still in my bladder. Waited half hr and went to wee again .this time had 200 ml left in bladder. So next week am off to see urologist.what I'm scared about is the only bladder conditions I find that has the amount of pelvis and lower back pain I have is acute retension ( I do believe I get this as I was in agony at weekend for 2 days then suddenly the pain just went ) or intestinal cystitus .and j kniw there's not alot csn be done for the intertestinal .I think I have chronic retension ? Do you think so .I have all symptoms but it doesn't say about the pains I get in my abdomen and lower back .I have thrm most days and really uoset me .I just need to know something csn be done as I can't live with the pain .I don't get pain in my bladder at all .