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Undiagnosed bladder problem

Postby sjb242000 on Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:41 pm

For just over a year now I have had a bladder problem.

Basically, I have the urge to pee most of the time, so as I am sure you can appreciate it has effected my day to day life as I am nervous to do a lot of things, attend social occasions etc – even getting through a day at work can be extremely hard work at times.

When this first started happening, I went to my GP as it was totally unlike I had ever felt before. I never thought twice about peeing before. After a few urine tests and some medication with no improvement, she referred me to a specialist on the NHS. Due to long waiting lists, I decided this problem was having such an effect on me that it was worth paying for private treatment, and began seeing a very nice guy and he carried out all manor of tests (frequency, sticking lines with cameras up me – all sorts), and tried a number of different medications, but got to the point where he said he didn’t know what else to try.
Still in a lot of discomfort, I got in contact with a urologist at London’s Harley street, again costing me hundreds of pounds. He has basically said its something to do with my nurves, and suggest acupuncture or Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation. I have complete about six sessions of acupuncture along with taking Chinese herbs, and I do feel reasonable at the moment, but its still not at all right. I have got in to a real routine of from bladder training – going to the loo every four hours, which I do manage but sometimes its very uncomfortable inbetween times. The PTNS treatment I mentioned above is quite a new procedure I believe, and places like Harley street charge thousands for it, so I am just waiting for a referral on the NHS to see if they will fund it.

Does anyone have any further advice, or similar problems? As I say, its not pain, it doesn’t hurt to pee, but most of the time I have the urge to go, even if I have only been very recently. Now and again I also get some light white coloured fluid build up on the head of my penis – not sure if this is connected. I have done a test with the GP on this, and it cam back clear.

I have tryed everything I can think off/been suggested – no caffine, very limited alcohol, bladder retraining, and am healthy otherwise.

I would love, just to have my normal life back....I’m only 29 with a great life other than this. If I could just find out what is wrong and what can be done to treat it...
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