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Waiting time for bladder operation

Postby skycomputing on Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:15 pm


I have been diagnoised with a low flow, low pressure urine system, that leaves me with urgency, frequency, failure to empty, drippling etc etc all stemming from the cerebral palsy I was born with and the diabetsis I started with 10 years ago.

My urologist agrees that in my case, have already had a TURP operation and a BNI/BNR operation, that a super pubic catheter would be the only way forward in assisting with my symptoms, and put me on the waiting list. I am also on the cancellation list, so I would take an gap (should one become availible) for the operation at short notice.

My grip is the wait for treatment under the NHS. Currently it is 6 weeks,so far from when I saw the consultant, and being put on the waiting list for the operation. It is a further 6 weeks before I have a pre-op assesment for the operation, and a date of the operation is yet to be issued to be (although it is normally within 2-3 weeks of the pre op assessment.)

Is this normal? and can any body suggest an action to help with the symptoms.

Many Thanks
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