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Incontinence in children

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 9:47 pm
by Mini mum71
Hi There,
My 11 year old daughter is just home from a weekend's outdoor activity holiday where she seems to have been caught short every single day. It was obvious from the clothes she was wearing and those she brought back that she simply hadn't made it to the bathroom. She is generally dry at school, and during the night but does have a tendency to put off going to the toilet for far too long in the house or elsewhere. This can be because she is reading or busy.

Added to this she has had a number of urine infections/ more suspected ones with antibiotics than actual ones I think and also had a kidney scan before. All normal.

Please help because it is very embarrassing for everyone and she is due Togo on another adventure camp with friends at the end of June.

Re: Incontinence in children

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:12 pm
by Sapphire1

I know this is a bit late but have only just joined you said that this occurs when she gets over engrossed in the things she is doing often children of school age will leave going to the toilet right to the last minute and then be caught short this is quite common in 5 to 8 yr old's as the children get older these occurrences of children leaving it to the last minute and being caught short tend to get less but it is not unknown for children aged 11 to be so engrossed in a activity or watching tv to leave it till the last minute heck I did it myself!
the solution: well if they are on an Activity or camp or something have a word discreetly with the activity
organizer and tell them that she tends to leave things till the last minute and needs reminding that she needs to use the Bathroom other than that constant reminders from you that she need to use the bathroom before it is too late I am not an expert in medical but perhaps kegal exercises for the bladder ( but only on medical advice )other wise and only as a very very very last resort issue her with disposable waterproof under wear.but I don't endorse this idea as being a young lady of 11 she could get accustomed to using the pullup and not use the toilet !and hence you would have a more greater problem than you have now!. Patience , Love and gentle reminders but not to the point of nagging!
hope this is of help and sorry I could not have replied earlier.