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Night Time bed wetting -dream related

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 2:14 pm
by Needhelp75
I am 40 yrs old and at roughly at 320am after a dream I realized I had wet myself and the bed. This happened as a toddler, age(s) 4-12, 13 -18, in my college years 19-28, and after I got married. It would happen sporadically but the last time it happened was about 2 + years ago and it was so embarrasing. I am 40 now and it always happens where I am dreaming of using the bathroom somewhere indoors or outdoors. I thought I had finally gotten over it due to previous dreams when i didn't go in the bed and I got up physically and used the toilet. I am nervous about this. I feel I have this psychological issue as well as bladder issues. I don't drink much before I go to bed and then this happens. I worked Friday till 5pm, up at 550am and drove home 30 min, then got in the car and drove 5 hrs and 20 min to NC, go to sleep at 130am, up Sat at 745-8am and up till 1130am took 45 min nap, then up whole day going to bed at 1140pm that night. Woke back up at 4am, to drive 5 hrs 20 min back home and went right to church. Stayed up non stop till 1030pm and then this happens. Why is this happening? Its embarrassing and do i have a sickness or illness or is it chemical related? I called my PCP and want him to send me to an urologist. (Research i did on internet).I thought I would grow out of this but I guess i havent. I need some advice please, I am scared that something is wrong with me.

Re: Night Time bed wetting -dream related

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 8:31 pm
by talkhealth

Thank you for your post within our incontinence forum. I am sorry to hear of your situation.

We are not medically trained so are not able to provide a medical answer. Are you able to link it to anything e.g. stress, caffiene or tiredness, could things like this trigger it?

It may be worth contacting one of our partner charities for support and more information about tests etc and advice on how to help support you. Here is a link to the bladder and bowel foundation- ... dation.php

We have previous clinics that may be interesting for you to look at such as the online clinic on bladder, bowel and digestive health- ... h_2015.php

The clinic is no longer open for questions but you are able to read through expert answers within each topic.

There are a few options to look at, please let me know if you would like these explaining further, or if these are helpful.