Catheter not emptying bladder

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by fwoollard on Thu May 17, 2012 10:16 am

Catheter not emptying bladder

Great to find this forum.
I am an MS sufferer and have bladder problems for a few years. Frequency and urgency are the main problems. Last year I started using self-catheterisation as I was retaining urine. However, I either an not emptying the bladder fully or my bladder is filling up very quickly. I have started keeping a diary and this morning i went to the toilet normally at 6:45 then used a catheter at 9am to empy my bladder. Not much came out (50ml) which suprised me and it was quite dark yellow. Between 7:390 and 9:15am I had 3 large glasses of water which was 750ml in total. By 9:45am I was busting to go again, so I went normally and did 250ml, but then I decided to use the catheter again and did another 150ml makingg 400ml in total. The uring at this point was almost clear. This seemed a lot of uring as I had suposedly emptied my bladder about 45 minutes earlier.

Is this normal and how can I get over this as it is now driving me mad. Interestingly this seems to be worse in the morning and often in the evening I can go several hours without needing to go.

Please can anyone help.

Thank you.

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by northerner on Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:21 pm

Re: Catheter not emptying bladder

Hi Frances

sorry to hear you are having problems with self cathing.

The only thing I can suggest, to start with, is to go back to your Urologist and tell him/her about the problems you are having as they may be able to send you for an ultrasound.
You are asked to fill your bladder and it is checked to see how much you are holding, then you empty your bladder using the catheter and then the bladder is checked again to see what, if anything, is left. If there is anything left then your technique may need twitching or it may show up some other problem.
Do you take anything like Oxybutinin to stop the bladder from having spasms?
I can only pass water using a catheter (unless I have an infection then I'm out of control! :( ) and found that my toilet visits were still erratic, passing next to nothing then with trembling legs waiting for what seemed like an age to finish.
Botox is also a good alternative, I've been having injections for 7 years now and it has worked a treat.
I'm sure you have considered all points I've mentioned and I know that although using a catheter improves things a lot there are still problems.

Hope you get something sorted soon

Lu :)

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