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Prolapse trouble

Postby littledevil47 on Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:51 pm

I’ve recently just had surgery for a prolapse in my vagina and my bowels.My front repair went ok but the have shortened my vagina so now I can’t have sex anymore which is ok I suppose but I’m only 52 years old so had a few years left to enjoy sex. My back prolapse surgery didn’t work my stitches have come open so I have got plenty of open areas I have got lots of skin like strips and also balloon shaped filled with poo coming out of my back passage plus lumps of poo coming through my vagina I feel as though nobody believes me but I know what I feel as I can’t empty my back passage without me putting my hand up there and helping my stools to come out pls help is there anyone else suffering like me I would like to talk
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Re: Prolapse trouble

Postby talkhealth on Wed Mar 04, 2020 11:08 am

Hi littledevil47,

Sorry to hear about the situation you are experiencing regarding your bowel prolapse surgery. This doesn't sound much fun for you at all. It sounds very difficult for you to know where to turn. We hope that you will receive some replies soon to your question from our other members who may have experienced something similar to you.

Sadly, we are unable to give out specific medical advice to you but urge you to visit your GP again for further investigation.

It is a little way off, but we do have an online bowel clinic opening from 13 - 24 April. You may wish to post your question there. Please find the link below to the clinic. ... s_2020.php

Kind regards
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