butt odor

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by pleasehlep on Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:44 pm

butt odor

When I wake up in the morning my stomach will hurt and then I immediately have to go to the bathroom. I'll usually go like two times and rarely three times in the morning. Sometimes I'll still feel like I have to go to the bathroom again but then when I try I can't. My stool is inconsistent. For some time it was quite loose but every so often it'll become hard. My anus will sometimes hurt when I'm going and after I'm done. Once I finish pooping I'll wipe with toilet paper and then with baby wipes and I'll still smell. I've even tried showering and the smell won't go away. I went to the doctor and they did a stool, blood, and urine test and they were all fine. The doctor said it was all in my head. My parents don't think I smell either. But I can smell it and people at school are always sniffing and saying how it smells like ass. I don't know why this is happening to me. I went to the gynecologist recently and they said I had Bacterial Vaginosis so could that be it? I already took medication for that but the smell persists. While I still have discharge I still think that the smell is coming from my butt. It's so embarrassing please help me. I've even started putting powder deodorant for vaginas near my anus. I can't continue feeling this anxious and sad at school because of my smell

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by talkhealth on Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:14 pm

Re: butt odor

Hello pleasehlep - sorry to hear about your problems. It must be really stressful for you.

It might be worth going back to your doctor, or another doctor in your surgery, for a different viewpoint. Also, do you carry toilet wipes and a change of underwear with you at school? This may help so you can at least change your underwear if you feel self-conscious.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
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