complicated story, problem for sure the gut. what now?

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by Claudia1973 on Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:38 pm

complicated story, problem for sure the gut. what now?


I d love to tell my story here, As short as possible. Maybe someone experierenced similar and can help.

it has begun 13 years ago with "only" winds. did not go to sport in the evening, because later in the day more winds came.
Later winds extreme during night. thirst, extreme agitation. And my body looked as if it shrank over night. Botom flabby and upper body looked shrunk.
This went over 2 years. Then hosptial for a test where I fasted.When I was back home I still ate limited. From the first fasting day all symptoms were gone! and after10 days my body looked normal. again. Upper body looked again as it used to and bottom was thight. In fact I looked as If I gained 6 pounds when infact I lost pounds! I looked and felt totally healthy!
Many many years I found out that I ve a problem with histamine although the tests were all negativ.
So I think the agitation back then during night and peeing every 30 minutes had to do with Histamine! The fact that Iwas symtomefree during fasting is another proof for me that it had to do with food. For sure with the gut.

However the following years I had lots of stress. but cramps etc I also had in the beginning were gone, but winds remain and the strange looks of my body. As if water is missing. Very thin skin.
Int he meantime I lost also a lot of healthy body fat.
Last October for the first time diarreha. And over 5 weeks.. Now I have my first deep wrinkles and Im not happy about it. Just because I lost much more weight.

Because 2 values are a hint also to celiac disease (although I almost eat no gluten, but too much in case I really have celiac disease) and also a postive Gen Test (HLA DQ8 positive) Celiac disease could also be a reason. I cant do the biopsy because I m too weak that I cant eat gluten for 3 months to get a trustworthy result.

Questions to you: Does anyone know this "body shrinking phenomenon"?

At the moment (after 5 weeks diarrhea last October) also my legs and upper arms are not tight anymore. My legs are not tight anymore. it has nothing to do with age because it has already begun when I was 34 and the moment my digestion became better, means no winds. my body got tight again! With winds - the body looked loose. Loose connective tissue.

So I dont know if the body gets so loose because of lack of protein - amino acids OR because the body is acid??

And: second question : how can I heal my gut FINALLY when I ve to take care also to eat alkaline BUT need also protein because I ve a lack of it.
Another hurdle is the sensitivity to histamine. Because a lot of food which is high in histamine would be healing for the gut, but I cant eat it. because otherwise my heart is racing and I can t sleep.

I hope this all does not sound too weird.

What I do use already is Zeolith Probiotics, psyllium.
I cant eat a lot and I wonder how do I ever gain weight again and get my healthy body fat back when I can only eat like a little bird. Because if I eat more, winds are stronger and make everything worse. and I dont gain weight.

Any Ideas?

thank you !