Biofeedback for dyssynergic defecation?

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by Aryan111 on Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:52 pm

Biofeedback for dyssynergic defecation?

Hi guys! As advised by the gastroenterologist, I got anorectal manometry done. The doctor who did the procedure told me that I contract the anal muscles instead of relaxing while having bowel movement, this causes incomplete evacuation & that is why I have to pass the stools several (usually 4-5) times a day.

Below are the findings of the report:

1. Anal sphincter length is approximately 4 cm (shorter than the normal length I guess)

2. Rectoanal inhibitory reflex [RAIR] is present.

3. On bearing down he paradoxically contracts his anal sphincter instead of relaxing it and has poor rectal propulsive forces [<40mmHg] which is suggestive of "Dyssynergic defecation". He is unable to expel a 50cc balloon in 60 secs. Biofeedback sessions for anal sphincter relaxation exercises maybe beneficial.

The doctor has advised me to go for biofeedback. I googled a bit & found that biofeedback is the most effective treatment method for dyssynergic defecation but from a survey on patientslikeme I found that this treatment method isn't that effective instead people got benefited from a method like physical therapy.

Have got a few questions now:

I. Is it only the dyssynergic defecation which causes me to have 4-5 bowel movements daily, poor apetite etc or something else like IBS as well is present (I don't have symptoms of any kind of pain)?

II. What is the reason of blood being seen stuck to the stool (sometimes)? Is it Infectious colitis (I had got colonoscopy & biopsy done a few months back as I used to get to see blood stuck to the stools on regular basis, infectious colitis was the diagnosis. The doctor prescribed me anti-biotics for a period of two weeks & since then I rarely get to see the blood but it hasn't disappeared completely) or dyssynergic defection or something mild like anal fissure?

III. Shall I go for biofeedback or try something else like physical therapy?

Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.