IBD or IBS or Something else?

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by SabathaDays on Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:53 pm

IBD or IBS or Something else?


I have been having stomach pain mostly on the right side, chronic diarrhea, blood and mucus in stools, pain in stomach when emptying bowels, even if its diarrhea for over a year now. I have been to the GP about this and told me to take buscopan for the pain and loperamide for the diarrhea and he suspected IBS.

As I wasn't getting any better I asked to be referred to see a gastroenterologist. After finally getting a referral, the gastroenterologist suggested having a colonoscopy to see if anything else was going on.
So I recently got my report which says I have patchy unspecified colitis in at the rectosigmiod and rectum and ulceration at rectum. Inflammation in the upper rectum. Biopsies were taken including some random ones. My Biopsies came back all normal.

I haven't seen the doctor about my results yet, I have an appointment in January. I was given the results of the colonoscopy report straight after the procure, and the biopsy result were given to me over the phone, which they said came back normal.

What could this mean?

If my Biopsies came back normal does that mean I don't have colitis or crohn's?

what else could be causing these symptoms?

Could it be IBS? and in that case, what support and help can I get to help manage my symptoms?

Sorry for all the questions, but...

My symptoms are really effecting my life, and I really just want to get to the bottom of this. And I'm just really anxious with having to wait so long, with no idea of whats going on. I'm assuming that it's nothing serious, otherwise I would have been given a sooner appointment, so I guess that makes me feel a bit better.

However its a long time to wait, especially when I'm in so much pain and how much its impacted my life. And not know why I'm in so much pain and constantly on the toilet makes it that much worse.

Many thanks!

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by talkhealth on Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:28 pm

Re: IBD or IBS or Something else?

Hi SabathaDays

Thank you for your post. It is good that you have an appointment with your doctor to go through your test results but we can understand how unsettling the wait is between now and the appointment. In April of this year we ran an online clinic relating to bowel issues and IBS, you can see the clinic here and the questions that were asked and answered by our experts, https://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/f ... php?f=1138, which you may find useful.

We also have a free support programme, myIBS, https://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/psp/ibs.php which has been written by leading medical experts and provides 12 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. Once you’ve registered, you will automatically be enrolled onto myIBS. Every week there is a PDF for you to download or print containing practical information written by talkhealth and medical experts.
Some of the topics the programme covers include:
- Symptoms & treatments
- Common triggers & irritants
- What to ask your GP or consultant
- Diet
- Patient stories and hints & tips
- Latest research and much more!

We hope this will be helpful for you.

Kind regards
talkhealth team

Visit our events page - https://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/events

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by Prycejosh1987 on Mon Nov 30, 2020 5:17 pm

Re: IBD or IBS or Something else?

You may need antibiotics. Speak to your GP.

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