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Deathly Stomach Pains

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 7:07 am
by WanderlustandFreedom
I have recurring stomach issues... recently went to a gastro doctor and he said that none of the symptoms were anything he recognized. I'm hoping there's someone similar to me who can lend aid.

These pains come in episodes. They can happen upon me in twenty minutes or less and stay with me for days. The first time it happened, I was down for a week. I laid on my bathroom floor, struggled in and out of the tub from time to time to lay in the warm water, and basically waited to die. I tried to sip water and couldn't eat anything. By the time the third day rolled around, I was starving. Once I had a fever on top of it and I reached a point of dehydration so intense I couldn't raise my head up. The pain can be anywhere from my ribs to my pelvis. It's not hot or cold, but it rather feels like intense pinching and pressure. Most of the time, the worst is over in three to five days, but sometimes it lingers in the form of feeling like I'm starving to death and not wanting any food near me.

I've begun recently exercising as a result of something else happening in my life and I've never had any eating disorders. I had stomach problems during the winter of my freshman year, but this is far more intense. I don't always get a balanced meal because I work a lot and am always on the run - usually my meals consist of food I can grab ready-made somewhere or snacks I can easily unwrap in the car as I'm driving. I always get a good amount of sleep and I've had no recent medical trauma. It's been suggested by family members that I may be overworking my body, but I feel like I get a good amount of rest for what I do and I never feel overworked - only satisfied. What could be causing this and how can I get it to stop?

Re: Deathly Stomach Pains

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:39 am
by talkhealth
Hi WanderlustandFreedom,

Thank you for posting on the forum. Sorry to hear of your stomach issues. It must be very frustrating for you if your Gastroenterologist didn't recognise your symptoms.

Unfortunately we are unable to make any diagnoses on the forum. We recommend going back to your medical health professional if your symptoms persist, particularly if you continue to have pain as this must be very worrying for you.

Have you considered that the food that you are consuming could be causing a reaction? Perhaps keep a food diary to see if you have any symptoms after meals and snacks.

Please do let us know what happens though, and how you get on.

Kind regards
talkhealth :)

Re: Deathly Stomach Pains

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:13 am
by Phoenix26
Dear WanderlustandFreedom,
I think that you might have a food intolerance too, or something like that. Have you ever considered to have specific exams done to verify this ?
I've just noticed that you posted in April 2020...Just hope you feel better

Re: Deathly Stomach Pains

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 12:20 pm
by Latrice Sang
what tests did the gastro do? maybe an ultrasound in the whole stomach/abdomen area would be appropriate, just to be sure that nothings wrong.

Re: Deathly Stomach Pains

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2020 4:46 pm
by Prycejosh1987
This happens to me when i do not eat enough or over exercise. Just try drinking a lot of water, and orange juice.