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dont know whats wrong with my son

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:31 pm
by liz031969
my 13 year old son about 2,3 month ago switched his diet for the better. he went from eating a ridiculous amount of takeaways and chocolate which caused a bad bout of constipation. It really scared him off the bad foods in high amounts and so ever since he has been eating healthy. The stomach pains of changing diet have passed. The one thing he is complaining about in his own words is the following. when i go to urinate it feels like when your really constipated and when you wee you feel as if there is some sort of mass build of poo making it more difficult to urinate, it feels like that just not as bad and doesn't feel like I'm constipated as such its just there and I don't know why. We have tried googling it but haven't really found anything. I hope you understand what my son is trying to say as we have no idea what could be wrong. We did consult with our doctor about the constipation at the start of the diet change and he prescribed movicol. The constipation passed and my son had stomach pains quite frequently which lead to a doctors appointment for a blood test and poo sample The poo sample came back fine but the blood test said he had high creatine levels. But we went for a second test and the bloods were fine . We didn't mention to the doctor what i am posting about as we thought it would just pass like the stomach pains and constipation did. My son also says it tends to be the best and less uncomfortable going for a wee right after he has had a poo and as the day goes on and night comes it tends to get worse. He said he is not in any sort of pain, He is just saying it doesn't feel normal when he goes for a wee and he is getting a bit upset about it. Apology's for the long post and I hope you understand the content. Thanks liz.

Re: dont know whats wrong with my son

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:13 am
by talkhealth
Hi Liz,

Thank you for your post regarding your son and sorry to hear he is still have symptoms. In this instance we would urge you to return to your GP and see if they can perhaps refer your son to have an xray of his abdomen. This would be to see if faeces have backed up and hardened in his colon. He may not have fully evacuated the waste with the movicol. Please find some NHS info on constipation here:

Kind regard

Re: dont know whats wrong with my son

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 11:01 pm
by liz031969
hi. my son is pooing absolutely fine. he is not complaining of any discomfort. He is also pooing a good amount so its not like only tiny bits of waste are coming out. could he still poo even if his colon is blocked?