Chronic pain

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Chronic pain

I have suffered from chronic pain for several years now. It started gradually after stress fractures in my sacroiliac joints in 2001. I never really got over that injury 100% and my pain become worse since about 2008. It's now at the stage where I'm on loads of medication for it I have had spinal decompression and still have altered sensation in my left leg. In March of this year my pain has gotten much worse it is effecting my whole life now. My medication has be increased I feel exhausted doing anything and I now have to self catheterise as it's causing problems with going to toilet. My mood is really low and hospital don't seem to have any answers. I struggle because I have always been a physically competitive person who now struggles to walk. I feel like there is no hope and would like to know what the outlook is for my condition and I wish someone could just explain it to me better. I sometimes wonder what life is all about now and if I will ever be pain free again. I have been to pain clinic but still not sure what chronic pain means or is it a term that people use when they cannot explain what is causing the pain.

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Re: Chronic pain

Hi Harryetta,

Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear about the pain and functional problems you are living with. I'm not sure how much you've been exploring self-management, but a physiotherapist could help you talk that over with you. You may find some value in discussing lifestyle - healthy eating and your activity levels. There can be a correlation between musculoskeletal problems and overweight. On holistic level, if you are concerned about your mood then a psychologist can offer some supportive techniques.

Some pain management clinics offer longer self-management courses for people who have long term pain - because there can be real value in talking with others about the pressures of daily life when you live with pain. For example we probably all realise that pain is worse if we are stressed, but it may be difficult to find ways to break a cycle involving pain if you feel under pressure. The simple opportunity of sharing those frustrations can be very helpful.

I wonder if you might like to talk about things? If so do please ring our freephone.

I hope that's helpful

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