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Red skin between bum cheeks

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by love4086 on Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:02 pm

Red skin between bum cheeks

Hello all
wondering if someone had a smilar problem and can help
For the past few months i have been having a bit of an annoying issue-the skin between my bum cheeks is red-just a line going along there that is red. it is not itchy or flaky, just red, feels very uncomfortable when sitting:( tried different creams, speaking to doctors but so far they weren’t very helpful. Anti fungal creams don’t work, i was given different creams but also no luck. It appears to be very red only when i sit so i guer it may not be an infection but i don’t know how to manage it?how to make it better? it such a small problem but it makes me feel down some days when thr discomfort is worse. Any good soul here that could share some good advice? thank you