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Help with child's rashes on ears and neck

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by Katherine94 on Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:59 am

Help with child's rashes on ears and neck

Hi there this my first post on the site and just looking a bit a help with my 19 month child. The past 4 months he has a got a rash behind his ear and more recently he has got it on his neck as well. When I don't put and cream on his ears get really dry, crusty and start to crack and bleed or sometimes they just look very raw looking.

I have been to the doctors 3 times regarding his ears and the first time he gave me an antibiotic cream to use for 7 - 10 day which was improving it but when the cream ran out it went back to the way it was originally. The second time I went I told him I have been using diprobase cream on his ears and he replied back saying his ears where improving and to continue putting to cream I was using on him.

Recently he has got the same sort of thing on his neck now and I'm using the diprobase cream on that as well and went to to doctors again last week and he told be to make sure I dry his skin properly after his baths (which I have been doing) and that was it.

So basically I'm at a lost now with it. I know it's nothing serious but it does make me look bad I constantly worried people are staring and his ears and wondering if I'm looking after my child properly or cleaning home. He constantly gets nappy rash as well might I add not serious nappy rash but he's got it again today.

I would just like some help and advice in regards to the rashes and to be told what it is he has if it's eczema or something else and what's the best cream to use for it. I hope someone gets back to me about this

Thanks x

I have tired to upload pics but not sure it worked x

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by talkhealth on Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:21 pm

Re: Help with child's rashes on ears and neck

Hi Katherine94

Thank you for your recent post. We understand totally how worrying any sort of rash and pain can be for children. Please have a look at our free support programme, myeczemachild, We hope this helps a little.

Kind regards
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