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Anyone know what skin reaction I’m having?

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2022 7:56 pm
So almost 4 weeks ago I think I took a reaction it may have been for cefalex antibiotics if just finished or Aripiprazole tablets I’d taken for 6 days but I came home use a moisturiser aqueous on my skin the had a shower my whole face went red and could see white patches. 2 nights later I had red bumps on both legs below my knees they were not itchy at all I just noticed them. Doctor thought was hives another folliculitis so confused me. I wore mascara 2 days after this reaction as I’d thought be ok I noticed a tiny smudge at corner of my eye in my skin so I got a cotton pad and cold water and basses so lightly didn’t rub at all. And I noticed a very dark mark was left looks like a tiny bruise that was almost a month ago , yet is still there :cry: :cry: I also noticed little white marks or patches on my shoulders and neck. And last week I now notice I’m getting very deep marks on my skin even from my pajamas that have no patterns but when I wake up I have pattern creased indents all over my body and face even tho I’m just lying in a normal pillow case. It is so strange to me I am still itching a bit around my body and I am on Ceterizinw antihistamines 20mg everyday. I’m scared to even wear make up ever again. I did have the kyleena IUD in for one week but got it removed after in being in just seven days as cause insane Cystic Acne I had it removed 6 weeks ago yet still getting the cystic acne. Any one any ideas as to what is happening to me and if it’s a reaction is this gonna go away? My doctors are guessing I may have Uticaria but I haven’t had any hives since the ones I had in my legs they went away after a few days ? Also sometimes when I shower I come out in red what looks like scratch marks on my body too 🥹