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Flying with a nut allergy

Postby Nuts about nuts on Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:04 pm

I'm a frequent flyer and wanted to update you on some of the policies of budget airlines.

For those of you who don't know, Ryanair, EasyJet and WhizzAir all have fairly decent policies regarding flying with a nut allergy. If you inform the flight attendant that you have an allergy (do this after they have done the safety demonstration. Preferably when you are in the air and as soon as the seat belt sign is switched off), they will make an announcement to all of the passengers that there is someone on board with a severe allergy to nuts and will encourage passengers not to open any nuts or nut-containing products while on the flight. They will also not serve any nuts/nut-containing products. See - Ryanair can actually be good for something :-)

On Sunday, I flew with Eurowings and want to caution everyone about this airline. Eurowings should be the equivalent budget airline carrier (German owned. It's a subsidiary of Lufthansa ) and I therefore (foolishly) expected the same policy to apply. Germany normally tends to do things right. In this case, I was wrong. The first 6 rows of the aeroplane are entitled to a complimentary drink/snack. The flight attendant told me that she didn't have any other snacks to give the passengers so said 'sorry. There's nothing I can do' and proceeded to hand out peanuts. I had a very uncomfortable flight breathing into my jumper hoping that I wouldn't have a reaction. I have sent a complaint to Eurowings and intend to Tweet it and raise as much awareness about these things as possible. I will of course update you with, what I expect will be a generic corporate answer which in the 21st century is no longer good enough.

Hope this is helpful! Similar experiences of airlines would be welcome. I have several more to add to this list.
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