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un-diagnosed anaphylaxis

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by pmkendall on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:10 pm

un-diagnosed anaphylaxis

So over ten years ago after suffering cyclic anaphylactic shocks which very nearly killed me I was finally diagnosed as "an Un-diagnosed anaphylactic" meaning i can suffer an anaphylactic shock at anytime but no one knows what i react to or why ? I have no treatment or epi-pen after coming off all my meds as my quality of life was terrible, i was affected by mood swings and insomnia caused by the massive doses of antihistamine i was prescribed. So all has gone well for the last ten years with no reactions or shocks. December last year I was in a coma. I was paralysed and for two weeks or more they fought to stabilise me. I also suffered a full anaphylatic shock caused by the medications they were using. Now for the point of this post
1/ Knowing my official diagnosis is "Un-diagnosed anaphylactic" the hospital have refused to update my medical records to note the medication i reacted to nor will they tell me ??? obviously im now proceses of official complaint with the hospital regarding this and other things.

2/ during my recovery in ICU they continued to apply skin treatment creams, medications and dressing without patch testing, to which my poor exhausted body reacted to more and more despite me reminding and begging them to stop due to me be anaphylatic. Im now hypa sensitive to all sorts of things that i wasnt before like plasters, my GP hopes it will all calm down.

Has anyone any experience of this ? Help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you