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pet hair allergy - i need your help!!

Postby _kirsty_ on Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:55 pm

Hi guys, i've just joined this site a few minutes ago because i need to find a lot of allergy suffers to help me out.

A few years ago i contacted First Bus (in scotland but i'd imagine the same applies to the rest of the UK) about their policy of allowing dogs on buses, they say that they allow people from all walks of life onto their buses including those with dogs (please note that i've no problems if the dog in question is a guide dog). I gave up the arguing when i contacted my MSP and after a few weeks they told me that there wasn't anything they could do about the matter.

It happens a lot, i commute to work and sometimes i have to step off the bus as soon as i've stepped on because there is a dog on the bus - i learned my lesson when i stayed on the bus with the dog a few years ago and was so ill with my allergies that it triggered a chest infection and a cold. Last night i got on the bus home and there was a dog on the bus, but i was so tired and i just wanted to get home and have something to eat and fall into bed and the buses aren't as frequent at that time so i didn't know how long i'd be waiting around so i just went to the very back of the bus but i could smell dirty wet dog from the back so i was forced to get off at the next stop which just happened to be in a pretty dangerous part of town and i had to stand around waiting for a taxi which then cost me £4.

I have to laugh at the signs on the buses now "for the comfort of other passengers please refrain from eating or drinking" - but don't worry!! if you have a big dirty smelly dog that has no problems with peeing and shitting all over the place and possibly being startled and going insane and attacking everyone THATS OK BUT DON'T EAT OR DRINK OK!!

i've written to my representative again, i didn't even bother trying to contact first bus again because i know what they'll say. But i want to urge YOU to complain about this too - find out if you're local bus company allow pets on buses and if they do COMPLAIN. I'm hoping if there is enough of a response from this that maybe i can set up a way that we can all group together and do something about it. Any advice would be amazing!!

I'm probably being too ambitious and hopeful, but i feel so alone because no one that i talk to about it seems to appreciate how hard life already is for allergy sufferers. "oh she's allergic to dogs, its nothing!" but it ISN'T nothing! its my HEALTH.

please pass this message on to other people and places, you can email me at or get me here obviously.

also, sorry if this sort of post isn't allowed :(
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