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by ladylise20 on Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:43 pm


Hi All, Don't know if you can help me I discovered I was allergic to shellfish around the age of 14 , after we had been eating shellfish for years which included Prawns crab and not always Lobster due to the cost but I enjoyed it so much and to this date totally gutted and jealous when I see food pics of juicy prawns and lobsters.

The reactions I tend to get depends but as I haven't consumed any shellfish I normally get a mild reaction from touching fresh seafood packaging or if I am preparing prawns that are fresh and the juice gets in my eyes then I may have a watery eye or it turns red.I stay clear away from cooking prawns due to my chest getting tight a few years back.

My problem is I wanted to know if I have an allergy to prawns and crab will I be able to eat lobster? I haven't dared to try but I am very tempted , but dont want to risk it.

I had a hair strand allergy test at my local Chinese herbal center but the test came back mild with a number of other allergens but however, I want a more certain test ,please can you confirm which test is t he best for 100% results . Look forward to a reply.