Extreme ithing, hives, swelling lips

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by balthazar on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:38 am

Extreme ithing, hives, swelling lips

Hello there,

I'm 40 male and I have hives red pimples all over my body for about 4 months.
Pimples appear everyday with mosquito like byte and then it spreads all over. I have a dog and had flees but I had no fees bytes. I make sterilization on my house though the company said that they found not flees eggs.
I go to an dermatologist and then to an allergist. I make blood test about thyroidism, IgE, C3,C4, ANA, RA, Blood Glucose ALT / SGPT, AST / SGOT, protein electrophoresis, CRP. All blood tests were clear.
My allergologist said there is no point to make allergy test. He gave me cortisol which relief my symptoms but after I reduce it or stop it get back.
My doc says that it my be an drug reaction.
I was in antidepressant SSRni from last August. My psychiatrist told me to stop the medicine. I'm now 2 week off the ssrni. My symptoms continuing and I'm exhausted and I don't know what else could help me.
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