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What kind of eczema is this and what can I do?

Postby xiamoraix on Sun Mar 26, 2017 12:44 pm

I have had eczema se eral years ago (ears, scalp, etc.),and it has been reappeared in the last three years. Since two years ago it has become intense (near the nose, etc.) and I visited a dermatologist who prescribed common medications including betamethasone, which worked, but the eczema reappeared quickly in other areas, and the doctor prescribed other creams, and also Ebetrex (methotrexate). Last time he prescribed Daivobet and betamethasone, each for certain areas, although it also worked to some extent, but the eczema is still there and it is around a year that I use betamethasone (topical losion) time to time to control it a bit.

The eczema especially intensifies when I consume certain nuts and pepper. Does it mean that this is an allergic eczema, and I should find and avoid the actual allergens instead of using medications? I don't like the fact that I have had used medications in long-term.
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Re: What kind of eczema is this and what can I do?

Postby Marcie Mom on Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:58 pm

Hi there, sorry to hear of the eczema? Have you taken an allergy test? And if you're concerned with nuts causing it, maybe should find a clinic within a hospital that conducts food challenge? Hope you'd find the trigger soon and agree that you shouldn't be on so many types of prescribed ointment without making an effort to find the trigger.. change doctor?

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Re: What kind of eczema is this and what can I do?

Postby Miracle29 on Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:11 am

I suffered 2 years of red, itchy, cracky skin in my legs.. i try lots of ointment, oil, and lotion to moisture my skin and even went to doctor just ger rid of my itchy red skin but nothings work. I feel like im losing hope, i really want to stop this itchy feeling and its not nice to see me like this. Until i discovered vegetablle drink. The first 5 most helpfull vegetable that can help and fight deceases. I drink it with warm water 2x a day and drink a lot of water. This juice is delicius i really love the taste. Drinking in 2 months plus water therapy my itchy red cracky skin were gone. This vegetales drinks is really amazing, its not only cure it can prevent you from other sickness. Sometimes we are just luck of vitamins and minerals in our body to fight deceases! Try vegetable drinks! Theres no harm on trying! Its just vegetable drink! Maybe this works for you.
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Re: What kind of eczema is this and what can I do?

Postby Theyna313 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:33 pm

Hi I'm sorry you're going through all of this I know me and my daughter both have eczema my daughter's is more severe because she has keratosis pilaris too we have been to so many dermatologists tried pretty much everything over the counter went the natural route had allergy testing done and nothing was seeming to help Sometimes some things will help for a short amount of time and it would come back mine is mostly on my legs and my lower back my daughter it affects her entire body we came across two products when my sister joined a company call Limelight she had gave me some samples and I applied it to a really bad patch I had on the back of my thigh and within 3 days it completely cleared I never had anything work that fast or completely clear a patch that was that deep so for the past 8 months me and my daughter have been using these two products and our skin has stayed completely clear the two products are one drop wonder and forty cure I basically mix these two products with Eucerin and cover our entire body the one drop wonder I use about three drops you don't need much and about a nickel-sized amount of the 40 pure and mixed it with Eucerin and our skin completely cleared I hope this helps whoever sees it my daughter is 5 now and I've been trying to find something to cure her skin since she was 3 months old these products saved our skin here's a link if you want to buy because they're not available in stores....
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