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Allergy to Propyl Gallate

Postby Caz8 on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:47 pm

Hi, I have recently been patch tested positive for an allergy to propyl gallate. This chemical can be identified by a number of different names also. It is an antioxidant/preservative which is found in foods, fats, oils, flavourings, cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams, hair products, ethers, emulsions and waxes and is sometimes used in packaging materials. It is also found in some adhesives and lubricants. My query is whether anyone has heard of or suffers from this allergy and can assist with information on what to avoid from the above list will be greatly received. Any information on foods to avoid (and from my recent internet research its in everything!) Any cosmetics available or hair products as it is nightmare washing my hair or information on eczema creams as it is in some emollients (i have contacted pharmaceutical companies to no avail to date) The allergy to propyl gallate brings out my atopic eczema on my scalp, eyelids, lips, face and neck and i have also have suffered with small dry patches on my arms. I have stopped taking supplement vitamins, loratadine for hayfever as within an hour of consuming my throat dries out and i suffer from swelling in my mouth/throat. Currently my diet is very limited to fresh veg eggs water and rice milk and porridge however i am still having slight tingling reactions on my lips even though i have cut out everything from dairy to bread. I wake most morning and my lips are dry and swollen. Most internet websites say it is in oils only once i have seen vegitabe oil containing culprit. Although the rice milk i use has sunflower oil does anyone have infomation on whether it also contains this antioxidant as reference to oils on the websites is vague i assume it does. I am also allergic to nickel, laytex, peanuts, almonds, and citris fruit and bananas. Many thanks for your time. Carole
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Re: Allergy to Propyl Gallate

Postby Dr Mich Erlewyn-Lajeunesse on Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:34 pm

Hi Carole
You have a complex mix of allergies so its no wonder that you are struggling. The propyl gallate shouldn't cause mouth tingling and swelling - as it f you are patch test positive (and I assume that these have been performed by your dermatologist) then its another part of your immune system that's recognising the gallate. From what you've said I would consider oral allergy syndrome may be playing a part here - this is a cross reaction from birch pollen hay fever and raw fruit and vegetables. It may be that your morning lip swelling is not caused by an allergy at all - but a short circuit instead - known as idiopathic urticaria.
You are going to need a referral to an allergist to give you some clarity. Good luck!
Dr Mich Erlewyn-Lajeunesse
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Dr Mich Erlewyn-Lajeunesse
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Re: Allergy to Propyl Gallate

Postby whymyface on Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:49 pm

I have been suffering from a severe allergy to propyl gallate as well Carol. My eyes swell, lips swell, crustations form on my entire face. My face looks like I have 70 cold sores. Propyl gallate is in most packaged foods, bags, cans, boxes etc. It is supplements as well but I found a company that guarantees that they don't use this preservative. google Now (name of company). Spice in containers are loaded so grow your own. Oils, butter, cheese can be tricky but you can find organic butter/cheese. Stay away from colored foods. The ointment I can only use so far is a prescription called protopic, very pricey but goes along way. Clinederm shampoo/cream rinse is very gentle/no gallate. I have more ideas for you, if you respond to this I will send you my email & we can share what works/doesn't.
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Re: Allergy to Propyl Gallate

Postby Rach2121 on Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:20 pm

Hi Everyone,

I stumbled upon this in my endless search to figure out what I am allergic to. I have also been extensively patch tested and am allergic to Propyl gallate, among other things (lime and lanolin). The doctor advised I stay away from all raw cooking oils, except for EVOO. He said it is not present in that, and to only eat cooking oils when heated as the heat will kill the preservative I am allergic to. It has now been over 2.5 years and while my symptoms have gotten better, I have major set backs where my eyes, lips, skin around my mouth, and jaw line will become rough like sandpaper, and start peeling. It takes about a week for this whole cycle to clear up, if I don't have another setback during this time.
I have been keeping track of what I eat and every time it seems like a different culprit. I hardly ever eat processed foods, but if I do I make sure they are completely oil free. I'm starting to wonder if its not only in the oils. I do have reactions when I eat seasonings, some candy and bread. I have a very strict list of products I can use from my derm. but I am starting to lose faith after my Dove body wash I was using (which was on my list) contained 3 different forms of oils. I discontinued used and immediately my welts on my arms and stomach cleared up.
I was traveling a lot over the winter, and my symptoms also seemed to clear up drastically during my week in Mexico, and also my week in California. My boyfriend swears it is due to the cold weather in Chicago, but I am adamant that this much of a problem is not from my skin being cold and chapped.
I do have another appointment with one of the doctors colleagues next week, but I feel like I have to now start doing my own research as well. If anyone has new findings or more suggestions, please help!
Thank you!
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