Diagnosed nickel allergy, please help me

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Baby Loi
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by Baby Loi on Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:55 am

Diagnosed nickel allergy, please help me

I am new to this and just looking for some help please. After a patch test i have been diagnosed with a severe allergy to NICKEL! At first i thought what on earth, I didn’t even know such thing existed! When i speak to people they just dont seem to understand.

So 2 weeks ago all the dermatologist gave me was a sheet saying i was allergic! No further help or advice :( . I have been on the web looking at the hundreds of conflicting ideas about what i should eat and not eat. The allergy affects both my skin and my digestive system! Not to mention migraines!

I just need some help on what the actual facts are, what can i/cant i eat? What can i do to avoid nickel that is in almost everything! Are there some gloves or something i should wear? Help please

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by talkhealth on Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:53 pm

Re: Diagnosed nickel allergy, please help me

Hello Baby Loi and thank you for taking the time to post in the allergy forum.

Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with a nickel allergy. May I ask, did your doctor provide you with any other practical help or advice following your diagnosis?

talkhealth works closely with a small but effective charity called Action Against Allergy. I would be well worth you looking at their website and making contact with them directly as they will no doubt have articles and help and advice regarding foods etc. Their website is https://actionagainstallergy.org/

Action Against Allergy also have a great article written by Dr Janice Joneja called The Role of Food In Nickel Allergy - https://actionagainstallergy.org/the-ro ... l-allergy/. You can find out more about Dr Joneja here - http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/on ... joneja.php

Also, there is an article about the rise in nickel allergy that might also help - http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/ta ... _rises.php

Hope this information helps. Please let us know how you get on.
talkhealth team

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by Jenb2611 on Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:32 am

Re: Diagnosed nickel allergy, please help me

I agree it’s a mine field, the process seems to be testing (after years of gp visits), diagnosis and then you are given handouts which you could have downloaded yourself of the internet. I have found there is little support or advice to equip you for adapting to the diagnosis. I have positive skin patch results for Nickel , Cobalt and Balsam of Peru. If you are allergic to Nickel then there is often a reaction to Cobalt and chromate. Basically with Nickel avoiding tinned foods, limit contact with metals eg jewellery ( I’m ok with rings but can’t wear earrings or necklaces or specs), metal household things like pots, utensils etc is recommended. There is a huge food list, I try to avoid anything of my 3 allergy group lists but accept that sometimes you have to eat and sometimes you have to cook in a metal pot. I find the New Zealand allergy site good, Allergy UK is ok but doesn’t provide all the details you need. Try to give yourself time to produce a list - I’ve ended up with a positive list - foods I can eat as the alternative is not great, then step back from the internet research and enjoy your life. The best advice I’ve had is to accept that I’m more likely to be ill more often than others - so in between times have fun!

Good luck!

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