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by Jenb2611 on Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:56 pm


I previously went via homeopathy and was given positive indicators regarding foods to avoid- I did take this with a pinch of salt. More recently I was tested positive via dermatology and skin patch tests for allergies to Balsam of Peru, Nickel and Cobalt. Through Dietitian and dermatology i was given handouts of things to avoid - the list is huge. I was told I have contact allergies and eczema. I get hives and frequently break out on my face, neck and chest.this is down as chronic urticaria with angiodema. I went for private blood tests to see what I genuinely have to avoid and they seem to be negative suggesting I am not allergic to anything. My symptoms date back to childhood- vomiting, rhinitis, rashes, eczema, fainting turns, sores in mouth, tongue swelling. I had a period of excessive sensitivity during my teens and was diagnosed with CFS. Those around me say my pallor changes when eating certain foods. I have been quickly and severely ill when eating out including when I eat the same meal as others. This starts with tingling and follows with cramps and light headed ness then severe d n v lasting hours. I have had several bad attacks when in proximity to others wearing coconut or nut body lotions or opium perfume- itching, sore eyes, breathing difficulties and panic - I have become very weepy and feel like I’m going to die, these resulted in hospital admission. I have been told by my dermatologist it’s a complex case, hospital and gp are saying it’s potentially fatal and I have a short window to get to hospital. I have epipens, fexofenadine, ranitidine, Xyzal, montelukast, diprobase cream and eumovate plus uvb but skin still breaking out and I feel knackered. I am attempting a lifestyle overhaul- currently off work, eating fresh fruit and veg, bottled water, limited caffeine and alcohol, daily yoga and meditation, walks and plenty rest. I’m only in my mid 40’s and would like my life back. Any ideas? Is a skin/ contact allergy an actual allergy and do I genuinely have to avoid the related food items? Does this explain the fatigue? Is there anything I can do to help boost my health and get back to normal other than spend my life taking multiple prescriptions? There’s close family history of celiac, rhinitis, asthma, eczema and allergies to medication.